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Next Generation Remote Teaching Platform

Edrys is an open-source app that helps you teach remotely.
  • Live classrooms with video chat, breakout rooms, and more.
  • Allow your students to remotely control live equipment (Remote Labs).
  • Customize your classes by adding modules (explore Edrys Modules).
  • Simple and easy to set-up (single binary download with no database).
  • 100% Free and Open Source, forever. Purely funded by our users.
  • Developer-friendly, you can expand functionality via simple JS APIs.


Classes dashboard: Select what class to enter or create as many as needed
Teacher class dashboard: Teachers get an overview of all rooms and can move students around to chat
Student class view: Students see their current room and are able to interact with others in the room
Class settings: Teachers can manage memberships, modules, and more to customize their class
And much more... Our current official modules to expand your class include:
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